Friday, 25 April 2008

Mini Family Reunion

An aunt from the land of cockney accent, football hooligans, wet weather, and good-looking princes made her bi-annual pilgrimage back to mother land last week, so a small family reunion was organized in her honor. It was also very nice of cousin Falan & Family to make the trek from Singapore & Penang to join us. Though the room at the chinese restaurant in Jaya33 was freezing, it was a nice warm feeling (possibly due to the alcohol!) for the cousins to meet up again, brings back sweet memories. We were all very close in our younger days, spending countless days terrorizing the quiet neighborhood of Miami Beach & Tanjung Bungah Penang. aaah.... those were the days.

It was also my nephew Tommi Kit Chan's 6th Birthday. Although extremely tiring, having the two nephews Naomi Lyn and Tommi Kit Chan around kept us busy. My two nephews also served as a gentle reminder to the amount of effort needed to raise two growing kids... respect to all the mum and dads out there. I sincerely hope my future wife, mom, and mom-in-law, do the honors of looking after my kids as they grow up... i don't think i can handle the stress! forgive me.

The Family members who made it to the small gathering

Never a dull moment with the Chan side of the family!

The Men

Falan & Family

The only cousin i still see frequently.. Sam.

My niece Naomi Lyn Chan

Coincidentally it was my nephew Tommi Kit's bday too..

The next series of pictures shows my brother Jinn doing his "hip-hop" walk after a sumptuous dinner...
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3

Pic 4

And finally... the Heah family with possible future family members.

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Emily T said...

Make up your mind already with the URL! Please don't change it anymore okay! I had to make a few guesses before I see your blog load.

Andddd, I was about to question you on the absence of the "family portrait" photo earlier. But lucky you I double check and wa-la! It's there now! Hehe.