Monday, 28 April 2008


I've not had a sunday sleep-in for the last few months! besides work, paintball now rules our sundays. My sleep-ins, long lazy late lunches, and Coffee at Starbucks have been replaced with the words "GO! GO! GO!", "COVER ME!", and "JWAN!! RUN NOW!" yelled at me, big bruises, mosquito bites, and crawling in the dirt. But no one's really complaining, sundays have never been this much fun. Not only do we get to experience what its like being in a battle and inflicting pain on other people without serious repercussions, we're also blessed to experience a strong sense of camaraderie, learning to trust your teammates, build teamwork, learning to take & shout commands, and truly understanding the phrase "its about the man next to you..." (last bit was a tad corny, forgive me!).

We're now proud to be apart of HAMMER Special Operations Division. A renowned team in the recball scene that places high emphasis on objective based & strategic game play. HAMMER is led by the very capable Frank Edison (who'd probably make a good general in the army!), you would've probably heard of his voice before even meeting the man himself. Our game play has seriously improved since coming under Frank's command and playing alongside our fellow HAMMER mates. Our games are generally open to anyone keen to learn more about scenario paintball or to have great saturday/sunday fun. Anyone interested, can drop me a mail.

HAMMER 1st Special Ops Division

a long walk to war

In our new Woodland camo, courtesy of the Singapore Armed Forces

A light moment with fellow team mate Justin before death...

A walk in the woods

Fellow HAMMER team mates @ work. Yes, girls play recball too!
With fellow team mates and friends

Its raining paint!

Running for cover!


Juice said...

Heary! Heary! Ah hem! Since i'm the first of the boys to pen down something, I would like to congratulate my bro on his 1st blog(I tink). Wonders me where he finds e time but as we all know, Jwan being Jwan (who never sits down quietly), what's new!!! Anyways, as he has put it, Sundays have never been anymore interesting with our new-found hobby. Also, thanks to him, we've (e team) conveniently neglected our life priorities i.e. houses, cars, marriage, etc..etc. Oh well, what e hell, as the saying goes,'It's about the man next to you'. Now pls frigging move ur ass e next time we need backup!!! LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!!and...we love you too!

eric aka cirem said...

kudos!! wish i ws closer so i can shoot ur arse....hehe!

maxster said...

hey man! I see you started a blog. Good stuff! thanks for listing me !

I promise i'll deliver more!