Thursday, 12 June 2008

Bangkok Trip [Intermission]

An interruption to the Bangkok holiday report.

After a 2 and-a-half month hiatus, my ride is finally back on the road! Facelifted with new custom designed front bumper (influenced by a customized US Honda civic), Projector angel-eye headlamps, smoothed out side skirts, ZAP aluminum radiator, new stainless i/c pipes, eyelids and carbon fibre hood pins. It can be seen cruising the streets of Petaling Jaya at night and on weekends, if spotted, holla at me! Hard to miss, as i'll most likely be the dude you're cursing at.... holding up traffic cruising along at 40km/h.

I absolutely adore the car now, and it is no longer for sale. Hopefully (god-willing) it'll soon be retired to be a pure show-pony cruiser. To those of you in the know, the search for a new ride is still in the works. And same question still beckons my response; Jap-powa or German-stylin'? The months ahead will tell..

1 comment:

Emily T said...

Ooohlala @ revamped car. :D

I thought the search for a new car is temporarily halted due to the worsening regional economic situation?

Save money la!