Monday, 11 August 2008

It's over!... well, sorta.

You must be getting tired of hearing me whine about my "Trans-Peninsula tour", i think it should be aptly dubbed LE TOUR DE MALAYSIA from here on. Yes, i've just managed to bed my head in a familiar room with orange walls and to the scent of dirty laundry (aah..its good to be home!). I've just returned from my grueling east coast tour with the boys of ThreeSixty, where our sleeping patterns were turned inside out and budget hotel rooms were called home. I made a bad decision to drive myself to Kuala Terrengganu on Thursday evening (offer to ride with the crew was duly declined by yours truly), as it took me 7-hours of NON-STOP solo driving to get from PJ to KT Beach Resort in Kuala Terrengganu!! And trust me, yours truly does not drive like your nanny on the highways. To top of it all off, i had the rain dotted with sporadic torrential downpours as company throughout my arduous journey.

KL-KUANTAN highway is nice smooth, long, and quiet... boring. You're the only car on the road most of the time.

Couldn't get any pics of the stretch from Kuantan - Kuala Terrenganu as it was night and i was dodging trucks, cows, and idiotic drivers.

7-hours driving, torrential rain, excessive nicotine consumption, coupled with inadequate h2o intake, resulted in a massive fever and gut regurgitating cough as soon as i reached Kuala Terrengganu. Splendid!

As usual, crew worked almost 24-hrs, and as usual we were plagued with minor but annoying issues here and there. My fever and cough got worse on departure day, so Lim was my designated driver for the journey from Kuala Terrengganu to Kuantan. A couple of pit-stops along the way and we eventually reached Grand City Hotel Kuantan, our new home for the next couple of days. It was literally my home for the next 48hrs as i almost never left the hotel room, trying in vain to nurse my irritated throat.

2am Supper

It feels great to be back home... but i was hoping the work-related phone calls would stop too, but i was wrong. No time to fully recover and its back to work again. I've always proclaimed myself to be 21years old....for about the last 7 years or so. But reality check after this grueling 4-weeks, i now have to admit that though i may be 21 years old at heart and soul (and mind sometimes too..), my body is nearing the big 30.. and coping with such workload is beginning to take its toll. Tell tale signs aplenty. I'm now looking forward to Q4 of 2008 where i have a host of "happy-happy-joy-joy" things to look forward to, mainly EmilyT coming back from Oz in November, and my much anticipated new ride that'll hopefully grace my stables by September. PLUS! much needed R&R holidays in ChiangMai in September and a week long indo-escapade in Jakarta circa early November. i can't wait! woo-hoo! ok, Blog time over, back to work.


Have a great week everyone!

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