Monday, 22 September 2008

of sunsets and overworked souls...

To me, sunsets create a surreal sense of calm and serenity. Watching the perfect sunset invokes a feeling of pure tranquility and composure, soothing the soul and massaging the emotional glands. Troubles mystically fade into the cool glow of the sun's rays and for that few minutes... life is just perfect, nothing else matters. Occasionally a cool warm purple and orange-ish hue emanates through the clouds during sunset, creating the ultimate postcard picture. The sun setting between two mountains coupled with the reflection off a watery surface, grassy meadow or wide open padi field accolades the most tranquil atmosphere... the perfect sunset. I wish i could bottle up the feelings garnered whilst watching the sunset and open the bottle for a whiff of tranquility as when needed. Or maybe mass produce it and drop it over a war zone ala crop dusting to stop all the killing... wishful thinking.

Anyway, yeah yeah... Three Sixty's event brigade is back on the road for the 2nd time. Touring entire Malaysia once again, from the South to the North of the Peninsula, and end to end of Borneo (Sabah & Sarawak). For the first time, the boys will be thinly spread out across all corners of Malaysia, doing what we always do... pulling off miracles.
By the time this post hits print, i'd probably be touring Malaysia for the 2nd time in 2-weeks, this time executing the event itself.

It was during my 4-day recce of Peninsula Malaysia (Ipoh - Butterworth - Penang - Sg.Petani - Alor Star - Kangar - JB - Batu Pahat - Muar - Melaka - Seremban - KL) that i discovered some amazing sunsets north of Malaysia.
Uluwatu-who? Try Alor Star and Kangar. I was impressed even after having experienced some amazing sunsets in Australia and Bali. So impressed was i that i'm hoping to influence enough of my mates to go on a road trip through the coastal and trunk roads of Peninsula Malaysia (again!), to check out sceneries and sights off the beaten path.

Here are some pictures taken during my long and arduous road trip across the peninsula.

Somewhere up north of the Peninsula
Empty CrossroadI love this "Reflection on Reflection" shot.Public cooked food market?I took a random pic of an old building, and this very eerie shot came out... grainy and green, took a 2nd pic and it was perfectly fine.
notice something in window?
This is a real creepy picture. The lighting, old stuffs, and relfections in the old mirrors give it a real eerie feel. As if frozen in time.
Old skool barber shop still in operation... check out the barber chairs, mirrors, tools, and old school silver coloured cassette boom box in the reflection in the mirror!

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e-leen said...

i like the 3rd picture. clouds + sunset + blue sky