Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Singapore Swing

The family made a quick trip to Singapore last weekend to join my younger brother for his graduation ceremony. It was supposed to be in Perth Australia where he studied, but due to an unfortunate turn of events, we had to attend his graduation ceremony in Singapore. As i didn't bother with professional graduation photography during my grad ceremony in oz, we thought we'd get some taken for Jinn's graduation, which reminded me why i didn't take them before, family portrait pic: $SGD280/pc (for a small pic mind you!), solo graduand pic: $SGD110/pc. And you don't even get the soft copy!! But it was well worth it... i hope! We'll know after we make that trip to Singapore again to check out the prints.

Not surprisingly I netted myself a few spoils during this weekend dash to Singapore, including a digital camo phone pouch, a GOLLA laptop bag, and a pair of Asics cracked leather casuals. And my brother picking up 3 pairs of new kicks courtesy of Lacoste, Nike, and Asics.
It's become almost obligatory to buy shoes every time we visit Kiasu-land... talk about being Kiasu. As how my Singaporean friends would say: "Walaueh! Like this soo-wer spend lot money wan-neh!"

Speaking of Singapore...Last year's scheduled trip to Zoukout was binned due to work obligations, i hope this year's planned Zoukout excursion with the missus goes according to plan. Anyone else interested in partying in Sentosa Island, drop us a tinker!

The proud parents & graduandStylishly lateMum & DadSpotted outside Raffles City... "rolling on twenty-fourz". Bling! Bling! And lastly... Digi-Camo on Digi-Camo... can't spot the phone huh? hahaha.

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