Friday, 5 December 2008

look who's back from the land down under

A miss call from a peculiarly familiar phone number followed by a local ring tone gave away my missus's ploy to surprise me with her early return to Malaysia. Her failed surprise attempt resulted in my lackluster response which only added to her dismay... But luckily (for me that is!), she knows i'm ecstatic to see her after her 4-month absence. Here's a couple of old pics i found that say it best..

To those of you who haven't met.. introducing my Camwhorus-Maximus Missus

With the return of the missus... 'nuff said.


Emily T said...

*coughs* I can find more pictures of you being a (more-than-)willing subject whenever I whip out my camera.

Yes baby please cut down on hanky panky behaviour now that I'm back!

fei said...

i can second to that :) hahahah!