Friday, 13 March 2009

Malaysian Hip-Hop

I've always been a supporter of the local hip-hop scene. Together with my homeboy Azree Izuan, we used to rock the stage at I.U Nites and Installations towards the end of our high school life and early college years. Now, in a position of influence and resource, i try as much as possible to spur the growth of the Malaysian hip-hop scene by incorporating hip-hip elements into our events. Most recently THREE SIXTY had local hip-hop hero Point Blanc perform during two shows for one of our clients. F.A.M.E in Penang & HOUZ in Ipoh played host to events which saw enthusiastic responses from the crowd when Point hit the stage and belted out his hit song "Ipohmali". Especially the home town crowd. FYI, "Ipohmali" was rated as the top local-English song to hit the airwaves and almost everyone has heard it at least once before. Point made the performance a little more interesting by showing off some of his beat-boxing skills accompanied by back-up singer (and point's GF) Ms.Mandy. With such showmanship, professionalism and crowd response, it looks like we'll be working with Point a whole lot more from now on... We're also looking at bigger hip-hop events in the near future.

The 2 plus hour drive home provided some good conversations with Point, giving me a good insight into the local music scene and a greater understanding of his passion for hip-hop. Plus it helps that we're both born in the same year (yes! we're old!!) so we could relate and reminisce about 80's cartoons (JEM & The Holograms!), skateboarding, and a time before Internet & super consoles...those were the glory days. PASSION is what drives greatness, and anything done outta passion provides much greater rewards, rewards that are more satisfying than material wealth. I personally enjoy working with people who are out there doing what they do simply because they love what they're doing. Screw what other people think, they go to bed with a satisfied smile and wake up with a spring in their step, looking forward to going to work... just loving it. I envy them. Having said that, we're looking into more ways to work with Point and his affiliates to try and give Malaysian Hip-Hop its well deserved dues. Watch this space. Support your local artistes.

Spare us your ears for a moment.


One-Day by Point Blanc Feat. JIN.

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