Monday, 11 January 2010


For the past couple of months Team Three Sixty had its hands full with the acquisition of new accounts resulting in events running non-stop back-to-back. And this month we welcome aboard our two new activation team members, with plans to expand the servicing and creative team before mid this year. Three Sixty aside...

2010 for us, marks the birth of new venture. Initiated by an old friend's decision to leave a leading ad agency. As we talked over coffee discussing the options available, it was decided that with her experience and clientele coupled with our financing and back-end support a new venture would be formed. Inspired by the images below we intend to take the industry to new heights, to walk the path less traveled, and to develop & execute awe and inspiring ideas. Come to think of it, the main inspiration behind the name and direction of our new venture was my friend, who's gonna be running the new business... as anyone who knows her would attest, she's a true gangster! Albeit my tag line, "we help our clients kill their competitors" was duly rejected.

We're "young & dangerous"
With a capable pool of talent & network that stretches across multiple bordersRendering our services in the utmost professional manner


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