Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Penang Kia!

With the passing of our last grandparent last year, the folks opted not to return to Penang this year. Staying in KL meant we got to drive to shopping malls in downtown KL without having to fret about the usual crazy jams. A rare experience for my parents as they are back in Penang without fail every year. Another rare experience as the family actually went out together! Sad, but true.
This year a small part of Penang came to us, with fave/closest cousins and their parents coming to visit. As the kids get older, reunions and meet-ups like these are getting far and wide. Sad if you think about it as we used to hang out a fair bit and get into a whole lotta mischief together. As we age, we seem to drift further apart, living our own lives even though most of us live a mere 10-mins away. Well, we're making a vow this year (mum and i at least) to plan trips every year to try and bring everyone together - especially the younger generation.

Lets not forget our traditions and carry on the basis of Chinese New Year - a reunion. Lets pass on these values and traditions to every generation... after all, we are family.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Chinese New Year and may the year of the tiger be a roaring year for everyone!

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