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Time surely does fly by doesn't it?. Its been ages since i last updated this Demonic site of mine.

As i wave waved (cause this post was actually written awhile back) goodbye to yet another fine ride, i couldn't help but think of all the cars i've had the pleasure of owning. Amongst them a few have touched my heart and life in ways that ensure they'll always be etched in memory. As i bid farewell to the ride that shocked most of my friends, i thought i'd take this opportunity to pay a little tribute to the few special cars in my life.

One of the first few cars that i've owned. You can't get more Ozzie than a Holden Commie!. Bathed in canary yellow with green pearl, the grandfather Holden 'commie' was fitted with KING Springs, PACEMAKER headers, a straight through exhaust and a lumpy cam to help the push-rod engine gain some ponies. Memories flow with this ride as i've had some of the best times cruising up and down the coast with some of the best mates during the best times of my life. Remember the times us cruising round Surfer's, windows down (cause the car has no A/C!) singing our lungs out to Nelly's E.I. Joining the hundreds of modded rides every friday & saturday night at the Broadwater carpark then cruising the beachside road from broadwater to Surfer's Paradise and back. The VB played a major role in possibly the best chapter of my life. Hope the ride is still cruising the GC scene albeit in a better condition then when i sold it.

back in the day

2. 2001 Perodua Kenari
When a kid graduates and comes home from overseas, he's got high hopes thinking as a graduation present he'd at least score a decent ride. (you know how all these foreign grads think they're aalll that.) Not the case, as my good folks handed me the keys to what was aptly named the SPEEDWORKS Kenari.

I can proudly say i once owned what is possibly MALAYSIA's first fully modded KENARI with a whopping 72.1 dyno-proven HP! (LOL). Fitted with a K&N Air Filter w/Speedworks heat shield, HOTBITS strut bar, HOTBITS adjustable suspension, Apexi S-AFC, Apexi RSM, HOTBITS extractors into full HOTBITS exhaust, L900 Brakes, a solid fibre glass bucket seat for race duties, and a 2nd set of full leather interior for daily use, PIVOT voltage stabilizer, PIVOT shift lamp, MOMO steering, and going through a couple of wheel swaps from 14" TSW's to 15" SSR's and finally 14" ENKEI RP01's. The ride was prominently featured in close to a dozen publications from magazines to newspapers.

This is the ride that led to establishment of many good long friendships and me being the founding President of the #1 authority for Perodua's top selling rides at the time, The Kenari & Kelisa Owners Club (K2OC). Mr.Luke & Myself along with our KENARIS being the first Kenaris to rock the quarter mile at the SEPANG DRAG BATTLE tops the list of memorable moments with this ride. With Luke's Kenari being the only picture in CBT's coverage of the race! We laid down some super slow times but we had a blast tearing down the quarter-mile!

Founding committee of the K2OC.
(L to R: James Chen, Hansc, Myself, Bernard)

At one of the many Auto Salons we took part in

3. 1997 Proton Putra
My heart & soul. It was truly a heart wrenching moment when i had to hand the keys over to the new owner. A lack of parking space in my humble abode led to the sale of my pride and joy. It was built with a whole lot of heart, blood, sweat and money! This ride also spurred the formation of THE PUTRA COLLECTIVE. A collection of some of the finest of Proton's finest!
Here's an old post on the Putra.


4. 2004/09 RB1 Honda Odyssey Absolute
The ride which shocked most of my friends. No one expected me to be lay down that much dosh for a 7-seater people mover. They all thought i'd end up in a v.8 WRX, an EVO or a DC5, but i just loved the look of a low-slung wagon, slammed on big wheels. Besides, i was told i needed to start rolling around in a "decent" looking car.

A GruppeM filter helped the 200hp K24 Honda donk breathe a little better, with TANABE coilovers wound all the way down got the stance just right over the 19" ENKEI SC25's, Project-U slotted discs paired with Project-U pads bringing the car to a stop with SuperPro bushes ensuring everything's nice and tight. Black with uber dark tint ensured the Honda people mover looked right whilst cruising the streets of PJ at 30km/h.

stance & fitment

Missing the Odyssey already...

i'm moving on from people mover to join the Three Pointed Star brigade. Like enthusiasts always say, modding cars will always run in our blood, once a modder always a modder. And even before i take possession of the keys to my new ride, my 19" Carlsson Revos shot with Dunlop's best and a Carlsson rear wing are already sitting in the shop awaiting fitment.

Here's a snapshot of my new ride sitting in the showroom carpark still in its original silver duco. An AMG Three Pointed Star. :)

Watch for an update on the the Merc as this post was drafted a couple of months back and the ride is now fitted with the Carlsson Revos, a Carlsson trunk spoiler, Day Running Lights from a later model, and is on its 2nd set of springs in a month. And with the help of Tyrezone, we're in the midst of trying to get my set of 6-Pot AP racing brakes fitted. :) 

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