Saturday, 6 April 2013

Winds of Change

 "In one way or another, we all like to fit in. No one enjoys being the lonely sheep, nor do we like being in a crowd full of clones. So, ironically one of the best ways to fit in is to find a balance between standing out and blending with the crowd. That however is easier said then done. I mean, you could just start throwing random stuff on your car but that’s not what makes a great car, it’s all about the execution" - StanceNation

"you car's damn low man!", "how the hell do you get into parking lots?", "Stupid  la... why do you do this to yourself?", "That can't be comfortable..", "what a way to spoil a good ride..". Common phrases some of us might be able to relate to.

The world of modified cars is truly unique, a world devoid of racial, cultural, educational, and all the usual social boundaries that might exist. We love it as it forges a sense of camaraderie rarely attainable in the reality we live in today. We all customize our cars our own way, you'll find budget shopping trolleys doing ridiculously fast times on the track, sedans with curtains and blinged out dashboards, and rides scrapping every hump as they cruise along at 25km/h (guilty!). At the end of the day, its about expression. A ride customized as an extension of the owner, and to stand out from the sea of factory run vehicles.

Since i'm contemplating moving back to the JDM world (or not..), i figured it be a good time to do a post and document the journey of my W204 since it ended up on my driveway. Sort of a log/diary to commemorate my life with the ride. I've had the Merc for about 24-months or so and come end or mid 2013, it may have to make way for another new ride. Serious buyers can drop me an email.

Here's the journey from stock to a magazine feature worthy classC Merc.

 in all its original glory as a stock 08' C200k Sport (AMG) sitting in the dealer's yard.

 Awaiting plate installation

View of the MB Sport pack brakes behind the REVOs.

 By the 3rd day the 17" AMG wheels & sport springs made way for 19" Carlsson REVOs and EIBACH Pro-Kit springs courtesy of TYREZONE in Taman Megah PJ.

A couple months later, the fog lamps were replaced with original 2011 DRL's & Carlsson trunk spoiler fitted to give the rear a nicer curve.

 Carlsson REVOs and C-Class cross-drilled sport brakes.

 2-weeks later, EIBACHs swapped for H&R Supersport springs, and we had to swap the 19" REVOs for 19" Carlsson CR1/10's just so the 6-pot AP Racing brakes could fit.

 362mm, 6-pot AP RACING's behind the Carlssons.

Now equipped with 2011 side view mirrors, a custom "J1-Design x Tokachi x EPS" front lip swapped to an ExoticMods carbon fibre lip, K&N Filter, matte black front grill, H&R's have been replaced with a "J1-Design x Zerotohundred x KIN x KSPORT" custom setup/tuned 36-way adjustable K-SPORT coil-overs wound as low as the fenders will allow.

Spent countless hours in and out of workshops trying to figure out how to get the clearance to cure my fear of automotive heights. Add roll & shaved fenders.

As seen at Time To Attack 2012. 

In its current shining glory. As seen in the APRIL 2013 issue of Malaysia's #1 tuning car magazine, HYPERTUNE.

That concludes the short chronology of my ride's journey. Next week, the slammed Merc goes on display alongside ExoticMods "Black Series SL65", Zerotohundred's V12 5-Series, and Kazama Auto's race winning Civic Type-R at the inaugural TOKYO AUTO SALON SINGAPORE 2013. 12th to 14th April 2013, Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Centre... holla!  

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