Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Shadow Recon Series

Funny how all my post seem to be about Paintball... i think i've gotta start expressing some of my thoughts in my posts from now on... after this one though! Mudtrekker organized their first night game on Saturday. A closed game that was limited to recognized paintball teams only due to safety reasons. So i thought i'd share a little bit here for the benefit of those of you who missed out...

It was a creepy game to be involved with, visibility was cut down to about 6-feet only with the night air causing heavy fogging on lenses. The game was scary as you couldn't see your enemies nor could you even see where you were shooting!! but it did get your heart pumping knowing that your enemy could only be a few feet away from you...

here are some snippets from the night game... aptly called "Shadow Recon".

The creepy scene that played host to our first night game...

The Snipers

Home-town boy Jason Nicholas and me

My wing man & field partner Mr. Gav "Soft-Ass" Liew

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