Monday, 26 May 2008

Like a good bottle of wine...

Come the 26th day of August 2008, Jwan Heah would have been on this planet for 29 years. As age catches up with this big-kid, i've constantly pondered on how things and life in general have changed and how easy it is to loose your life. In an age group where life is focused constantly around chasing material wealth, i took a step back to look at life in itself..looking back at all the good and great times i've had, the friends i've made, friends who lost theirs lives, places i've been, and the things i've done... i've realised that in this life we're blessed with, the most valuable asset we'll ever make, own and that nobody can take away from us, are memories and life experiences. if you feel like doing something, take that first step and go out and do it. Brush away what ever discouragements from people around you, if you're going to be happy doing something, go ahead and do it. Its great to be blessed with memories than to sit around in your old age wondering "what if i..." and "i should have..."

Life is short...LIVE LIFE.

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