Thursday, 29 May 2008

The Jungle Book

Yes yes, i know i said i'd stop posting about paintball.. but i can't help it!! Please forgive me..

We swore after our first game at Isi Rimba that we won't be heading back there again for a long long long while.. but the call of the jungle was too great, and we made the trek back to nature once again. Isi rimba with it's lush jungle greenery, crystal clear flowing rivers, leeches, and snakes provides a truly scenic jungle paintballing experience. This time we were shown the roots of jungle warfare by representatives of the resident mammals --> The Jolly Rogers PB Corps, Team TDP, and The Sacred Valley Ghost..

With fellow HAMMER wing-man, my bro JUS NG. All smiles cause we hadn't began the long trek into the jungle..
With some of the pro jungle operators...


Emily T said...



You didn't blog about your snake-y encounter!

Jwan Heah said...

oh ya!! hahaha.... yeah, for everyone's knowledge, JUSTIN NG saw a snake slither across my jacket as it was being sun-dried... plus, JED DAVID 2 leeches stuck on him: 1 on his kneck, and 1 on his calf which got squished and splattered blood all over his leg!! urgh!!.. isi rimba.. eew..