Thursday, 5 June 2008


It was an utter disgusting sight last night. Malaysian's clearly reflecting their intellectual level when the fuel price hike was made public. Ridiculous gridlocks nationwide caused by the typical kiasu malaysian. Queing for hours to fill ONE tank of petrol before the midnight price increase... lacking in grey-matter, they didnt stop to think that the hours wasted in the jam, the inconvenience caused to the more sensible Malaysians, and the amount of fuel wasted while queing to fill up cost more than the tiny amount they save on that ONE tank of petrol!! if the fuel could last them a month or more, than i'd understand their need to go stock up prior to price hike... but it doesn't! these idiots will have to visit the petrol station in the next few days to fill up again.... urgh!.

I don't have a problem with the fuel price hike honestly.. but i have a feeling that its going to affect the lower income group quite badly... let us all monitor the statistics of snatch thefts, robberies, break-ins etc etc to see if there's an increase in the next few months. the domino effect...

oh well.... thats it for today. i'm off to Bangkok with the Missus tomorrow for 4-days of shopping, back again on the 9th of June 2008.. have a great weekend everyone!!

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