Monday, 21 July 2008

early in the morning!

The clock on the office wall reads 3.05am.. Monday morning. Yes.. its 3am and i'm still in the office, proof'ing a Flash animation for our newly created 360 tri-button interative screens, and figuring out how a car jockey system should work. All this is for a "cancer stick" event in downtown KL.(i'll talk more about the venue after the event is over, just in case some of you decide to drop by unexpectedly!). To top it all off, i have to manage costings, human resource, logistics, clients, etc for 17 shows!
We've overloaded ourselves with too many events for the next 2 months, which resulted in us spending numerous nights here in the office till the wee hours of the morning. I pity the flash designer who's been struggling the last few days to churn out a million-dollar looking animation for a couple of G's (your efforts are much appreciated mate!), only to have the client change the design over and over again. Last design change was a couple of hours ago which is also a few hours away from event time... fantastic! Times like these are a representation of the famed ThreeSixty quote during job interviews for staff; "Events isn't a career, its a LIFEstyle!" Basically it means "you don't get a high pay but you sacrifice your social LIFE, sex LIFE, and party LIFE..."

Events... A lifestyle.

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