Thursday, 17 July 2008

week 1 of 5.

This entry is being penned with my eyes half open and my head bobbing front and back, missing the monitor by a mere inch or so. Weekend numero uno of 5, and already we've taken a beating for hiccups that were in certain ways beyond our control. Sleep deprivation, nicotine overdose, excessive problem solving, and a few minor heart attacks sums up the last few days...and its only week-1 of 5. sigh. The workload is bad, but the worse part of this week is Emily flying off to Austray-ya on saturday. The whole week was spent burning the midnight oil that i hardly had any time to spend with my girlfriend on her last week here in Malaysia (though, she will be back in a few months!). So much so that she had to tag along with me to see a client, and potter about the office as i tried in vain to finish my work just to spend a little time with me. (she's sweet...*missing you already dear)
EmilyT is off to further her studies (on scholarship!, hoorah! am very proud of you) at the University of Melbourne, gaining higher education in the city famed for having 4-seasons in one day... urgh!.


Emily T said...

And I thought that there was gonna be more about me in the entry. Chehhhh.


All the best for work dear, don't fall sick!

Jwan Heah said...

i thought so too myself, but my brain's been fried by the excessive workload dear... :)

tamz18 said...

dont be so sweet la...!!! :P

Juice said...

Ewww!!!! Jwan in a PDA mode??!!? OMG, Emily!! WHAT HV U DONE?!?! I've not seen this side of him in my 28 years of life! OMG OMG OMG! It must hv been Bangkok! U put curse on him rite. Sigh..Another one bites the dust...sigh..see what women can do. Oh well, as you both are happy la!