Sunday, 13 July 2008

and so it begins...

An entry from the desk of my deluxe suite at Northam All Suites Penang. My home cum office for the last four days. A day of work, a wedding, and purportedly a weekend of R&R turned out to be four days of non-stop phone conversations, numerous hours in front of the computer, and going through enough figures to make a (boring) accountant envious!

To my comrades in arms, as the battle begins... what have we done? We have opened the gates of hell, unleashed a fury unbeknown to us, somewhat an experience of a lifetime, a challenge of sort. Survive this, and nothing else can compare.
Spiritual intervention is a necessity, say your prayers every night, sin not, and keep the faith...

To the ThreeSixty Family, bid farewell to your loved ones and social lives, and greet 72-hour sleepless days with open arms. Good luck and may god help us.

5-weeks, 17 shows. an all new record.

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