Monday, 7 July 2008

He got bitten!

A 'bug'...distinctive yet unrecognizable, brings about serious life changing symptoms, nearly invisible, and costs alot of money to treat. A 'bug' that is very selective with its victims, a 'bug'.... that has finally sank its teeth into the tender skin of Mr. Gavin Liew.... "The Boost Bug". Once bitten, nothing else will suffice.

Business partner & good friend Gavin is now a proud owner of a sinister looking 2 litre turbocharged AWD car, albeit an automatic, it is still an all round sexy boosted Mitsubishi Evolution 7............. point 5.

Welcome to world of boost Mr.Gavin!

What a sexy rump!

The sinister view you get from your rear view mirror

Resident motor-head, Jwan Heah takes Gav's new EVO on a spin


tamz18 said...

wah... jwan in mitsubishi!!!

Jwan Heah said...


wait till i get my new car le... then u waaah la. :P