Tuesday, 28 October 2008

K Beach Party

26th October 2008: KENT decided to move away from the norm and throw an outdoor beach party for its loyal smokers, and ThreeSixty was engaged to make this party happen. And party we did! There were water guns, beach volleyball, beach balls of varying sizes, bare bodied boys, bikini clad girls, a sumptuous bbq buffet and most importantly, free flowing alcohol! This eclectic mix resulted in one helluva fun beach party! By far, this has to be one of the most fun-filled events we've ever organized.

Water Squad 360: mucking about before the arrival of guests
Client & Agency war
Beach balls galore!
MINES beach resort & spa did offer a spectacular sunset view...

For more pictures, please visit: KENT Beach Party


Emily T said...

Stunning sunset!

I want the pink floral beach ball and dolphin floatie pleaseee? :D

Jwan Heah said...

i go buy you another one la.. these belong to KENT. :)