Saturday, 10 January 2009

Vince & Pres. tie the knot

We've turned into wedding planners/decoraters now, after the immense amount of pressure put on us to execute our Creative Director's recent wedding at The Saujana. Unfortunate for us as the venue (The Saujana) is mighty old and a tad bitty small. We had to work with these limitations and restrictions to create a memorable wedding, not only for the bride and groom to cherish forever but also for the guests. So, here's how we did it... We started by branding the wedding with a signature "VP" logo, which was visible almost everywhere around the venue, including an animated version projected onto the outside wall of the building and lighted version projected around the main ballroom. To make an impact and reduce the amount of space used, we opted for a 9' by 13' LED Panel instead of the traditional blurry projectors - cost ineffective but well worth the 'moolah' as pictures were crispy clear and animated effects were impressive. The LED panels also served as a centre piece for the stage. We decked out the entire venue with ivy vine, flowers and twigs, and had over a 1000-feet of minilites adorning the back of the stage. Going even further, we used a professional sound system with superstar sound technician (Mr.Calvin) at the helm the sound console.. mr.calvin by the way was the chief sound technician for Alan Tam's concert here in KL. Ambient and effects lighting was courtesy of 14 units of moving heads, creatively laid out and programmed to create a unique lighting ambiance
The most popular piece of decor had to be the "photo-op wall" a.k.a "Paparazzi Wall", strategically placed near the front entrance to give guests a "red-carpet" / hollywood feel... the photographer Mr.Steve of STAIP had to continuously snap pics of wannabe superstars all night long!

A special after-party featured DJ Dan from The Retro Show of MIXFM, where we converted the ballroom into nightclub. DJ Dan spun top hits from the 80's & 90's which received excited cheers from the party-goers, as most of us are from that era (yes, we're old).

It was not just a memorable wedding for everyone but also a successful event us... although most the crew (myself included!) missed most of the dishes!

Here are some pics from the wedding... courtesy of STAIPS Photography & Ms.Emily T:

The Cocktail Reception area

Ambiance lighting, stage decor, and the all-magnificent LED panel

Ultra clear screening of pictures

The Bride & Groom

NKOTB back again! or is it East 17?

Yours truly & the future missus in matching black & white outfits

DJ Dan of MIXFM working the decks!

If you're planning a wedding and need some ideas or just to view more pictures from the wedding of VINCE & PRES, feel free to visit:

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