Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Ironic as it may seem

Meeting up with friends or if you step into a coffee shop, you're bound to overhear people whining about the economy. If you look at the global economy on a whole and what economists are saying though, you can't deny that Malaysia is well protected from the effects of the economic meltdown affecting the developed nations. But the pessimism of the Malaysian people could set the stage for a self-fulfilling prophecy. (as mentioned by Mr.Soo Ewe Jin of The Star). Keep up the selfish negative nature and we're bound to head in the direction we constantly whine about. Here are excerpts from the article in the The Star by Mr.Soo that we should all think about.
"Our individual actions to spur on the economy cannot be underestimated.... we should do our part and not just whine all the time like Chicken Little that the sky is falling."
If you've studied some sort of basic economics, you'd understand that the smallest purchase of any goods or services has a domino effect in contributing to the economy on a larger scale. Domestic demand has to increase or be maintained to compensate for the decline in international demand to cushion the effects of the global economic meltdown. I think Malaysia is doing fairly well in these gloomy times, so quitting talking about the doom & gloom and LIVE YOUR LIFE.
"Sometimes we can be too obsessed about matters far away that do not affect us that we fail to act on matters closer to home that we have control over."

"Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what clearly lies at hand"
- Thomas Carlyle, British Historian & Essayist.

As Mr.Soo of The Star put it, CARPE DIEM! Just seize the day!

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