Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Walking a different path

Remember my previous post regarding my new ride? Well, I've opted for the Honda people-mover!! Took delivery on the 9th of Jan 2009. Having weighed all the options, considered and re-considered all the pros and cons of my options, and i finally decided to go with the Honda Odyssey Absolute. Comes equipped with a full-navi ICE dash, a 200hp K24 I-vtec lump, 17" wheels(which are gonna be swapped for 19"'s soon i hope), half-leather seats, absolute body kit, and comfy seats for 7-people. Ironic that I'd buy a 7-seater, when 99% of the time I'm driving solo. But considering that i opted to move away from turbo-charged sports oriented cars, the Odyssey's a unique choice over a plain-Jane 4-door sedan. The Odyssey provides adequate power to move its weight around and is a breeze to for the long wheel base, which makes parking and driving around multi-level parkings a daunting task at the beginning. Even though i was plagued with doubts even after collecting the car, it's starting to grow on me now. The more i look at it, the more i feel it meets most of my criteria for a car. Priority being it having ultra cool pimping potential (i envision it rolling on 19"s and ground scraping ride height), and its an oddity (it rhymes!) on the roads as its not a popular choice for an MPV, with majority opting for the high roof variants of Estimas & Alphards. So.. the Jwan Heah once known for cruising and hooning in noisy cars is now walking a different path... taking the pimpin' lane!
Sexy Eyes

The all important badge. Read 200hp

200hp Honda K24 i-vtec

The glorious navi/ICE dash

For your information, the ultra-noisy 247.1hp 4G63T Putra is still stitting in my porch for that occasional hooning on the streets... Boy racer fo' life? *snigger. :)

The Odyssey's Potential: Images courtesy of FABULOUS Japan, Comestock, &

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