Monday, 9 February 2009

Leap Frogging

I love Malaysian politics. Provides hours of entertainment, like how i used to enjoy playing 'leap frog' with my friends when i was about 5 years old. Gotta love the Perak situation now.

Politics aside, its gonna be a swamped month ahead as work piles up after the CNY hols and the missus leaving back to the land down under at the end of the month. Amidst all this chaos, i'm struggling to squeeze in some time for me to go get some new 19" shoes for the Odyssey. Driving a stock ride around is just not going to kick it. Speaking of the new ride, i'm taking it on a one-day crusade to Ipoh and Alor Setar tomorrow, see how she does on the open highways.
I've also discovered that trying to play with 2 cars at once is major taxing on the bank account - the Putra requiring some minor work for a few oil leaks and new shocks, the Odyssey needing major wheel upgrade and a lowering job. Not forgetting the BMW overheating a couple of days ago and needing a new thermostat... sigh. Thank god i stayed away from playing with european marques.

Truth be told, It is the unexplainable joy and satisfaction of mental modding that drives us enthusiasts to strive for unique distinction and improvement of profit-chasing factory production line vehicles. A passion driven hobby and sport that provides a learning challenge for us all. Stay tuned as i try to share some info on the man who influenced me into buying an odyssey. A mental modder armed with a souped up Saab turbo, a mean green mini cooperS... and a modded Odyssey equipped with the ultimate mod...... a baby seat. To the boring folks who think we should stop modding cars once you grow up or get married ---> STUFF YOU!! :P

have a great week everyone!!

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