Thursday, 12 February 2009

An odyssey

We took the odyssey for its maiden long distance voyage... and boy was it a long drive. We went KL - IPOH - ALOR SETAR - KL in one day. Anyway, this blog post is actually about this restaurant we were introduced to by our client. Forgive my bad memory, cause i forgot the name of the restaurant, but i do remember its located in Simpang Dua. A couple of turns off from the main highway... Its an obscure restaurant located next to a mangrove swamp and a bridge, supposedly famous for its MEE UDANG (Prawn Mee). And the MEE UDANG was good! i wouldn't say its fantastic, but it was good. And you get to pick your prawns fresh outta the ice box. They serve up a host of other dishes, and i'll be sure to try and find my way back there to sample it all. Here's the downside though(which could've been brought about by the sight of a new KL registered vehicle), the meal cost RM88.50!

Gav taking a stroll at Stadium Darul Aman Alor SetarLim & Gav amusedThe Restaurant (name forgotten)Fresh prawns galore!Served


Emily T said...

The prawns not that big also!

bohtak said...

live prawns would be better! hahahaha

Jwan Heah said...

yeah actually come to think of it, they weren't that big. And ya, live prawns would've been fun to catch too! hahaha