Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Valentine's Day

I truly believe the Valentine's day was created by some sod named "Robert Valentine" or something along those executive who worked in HALLMARK many years ago, who now has been given a large stake in the company for creating a day that should be aptly called "pay 3 times more for the same shit...just because". Unfortunately, my other half's a romantic, so i'm slowly attempting (i'm delaying it for as long as i can) to plan and surprise her with a typically (boring in other words) V-Day... complete with Flowers, card, candle lit dinner, gifts, yadda yadda... We'll get there eventually baby!

Here's how we spent VDAY over the last couple of years, which to me was PERFECT!

2008 V-Day: Seaside seafood dinner under the stars!
2009 V-Day: Munchhaus with Vince & Pres.

Not too long ago, i received an email from my girlfriend, asking me to complete "The Great Couple Meme" and a link to a site... i opened the mail, and then closed it again, and calmly forgot about it. (Baby, please forgive me if i get some of the responses wrong, we'll sort it out in the bedroom)

Tell us about the first time you met and your first impression of him/her.
During an event... HOT CHIC!!scchhhhwwwweeeeeeeet! That was the initial impression.. then discovered she's a great person to talk to as we spent countless hours...just talking.

What’s a weird habit or quirk that s/he has?
Constantly checking herself out, wondering if there's something wrong with herself. If you look at her feet, she'll panic and continuously question you about her feet.. "is there something with my feet? stop staring!! whats wrong with my feet???! tell me!!". When actual fact is, you were looking at a coin on the floor...

What makes him/her happy?
Chocolates, food, sweet stuffs, pastries... anything hopelessly romantic.

What makes him/her sad?
Unfortunately, first thing that comes to my mind at the moment is ME. Sad but true, i have a feeling i disappoint and upset her more often than i should really. 2nd thing that comes to mind would probably be her parents, who are less open minded than they should be.

What makes him/her angry?
Most frequently, Me. News of snatch thefts & crime and occasionally her parents.

What excites him/her?
Alot actually! she gets overly excited over topics of discussion that are in-sync with her line of thought at that specific moment...usually about romantic movies, something read somewhere, or someone agreeing with her opinions.

Tell us something funny about him/her:
She's really klutzy!!walks into corners of tables, trips on steps, bumps into people... the list goes on.

What’s s/he like at home?
Boring. Stays in her room... stares at the walls, sleeps, bugs her sister, then sleeps again.

What’s s/he like at work/school?
I think she was a mega-nerd in school - straight A's type student. (boring..)

Describe his/her room.
Haven't seen it, but i think its nice and cosy.

What’s his/her best friend like?
I think she's got a collective of good friends... not too sure if there's a specific best friend really.

Do you know who s/he hates the most?
hmm... nope. Doubt she hates anybody.

Have you met his/her exes?
Haven't met any of her exes, but i've met many of the guy's she's dated and who's hearts she's broken.

Do his/her parents like you?
No. Dad's an accountant and i'm in events... so wadddaya think?
Her parents probably think there are only 4 types of good people in the world; Accountants, Doctors, Engineers, and Lawyers. Anyone else is a BAAAAD MAN.. :P Bah!

What’s the first thing s/he would do or say if s/he fell down and scraped their knee?
She'd quickly jump up, check to make sure nobody saw as her face turns red from embarrassment.... scurries off to where no one can see her, then squirm in pain and start crying like a baby (as in really cry!)

What would s/he do in an emergency situation with other people involved?
She'd panic, scream then probably cry.

Which shop would s/he spend the most time at in a shopping mall?
Forever21 & TopShop.

What would s/he have for a typical breakfast?
Sausages, eggs, toast, coffee.

Where would s/he want to go for dinner?
If she had her way... it would be somewhere fancy with nice decor and romantic ambiance.

What kind of movie would s/he choose at the cinema?
soppy romantic stuff.

Describe his/her taste in music.
Most mainstream genres - love songs, boy band stuff, and acoustic music to the likes of Pete Teo.

If s/he wasnt going out with you, who would s/he be going out with?
Hmmm... probably no one really.I've been told she's a real "hard to get" type girl. And treats boys likes toys.

What item in his/her wardrobe would you like to burn?
Her fashion sense is pretty good. No complaints.

What is s/he good at?
Listening. She's super patient when it comes to listening me go on and on about myself!

What is s/he totally horrible at?
Nothing that i've noticed as yet.

What’s something about him/her that is annoying/infuriating?
The fact that she's old-school when it comes to Valentine's Day, a yearly dismay for me.
Her lack of self-confidence and insecurity borders on psychologically disturbing. I.e:

Jwan: "baby..i'm meeting a friend for yum cha."

EmilyT: "WHO!!?!?! WHERE??!?!?!? WHY???? WHAT FOOOOOOORRRRRRR!!!"

even before i finish my sentence.... it usually ends like this: ".....justin and the boys at Sun Hin Loong." weirdo!

What’s something that you two fundamentally disagree on?
My exquisite, up-to-date, stylish, fashion sense.

What’s something that you two agree whole-heartedly on?
i would have to say her response to this question best sums it up.

Is s/he possessive?
Yes and very insecure too!

Why would s/he succeed in life?
She's an honest, sweet, polite, kind hearted soul. If success is measured as a journey and not a destination, she'll excel in everything she does.

What is the coolest gift that s/he has ever given you?
A scrap book that depicts the moments that dotted our relationship.

What is s/he obsessed with?
She's obsessed with ensuring every item of clothing she buys is a perfect fit and a worthwhile buy. Goes in and out of the changing room, visits the store 5-times to look at a top... and ends up buying nothing!

What does s/he avoid at all costs?
Furry animals and soft toys.

What does s/he spend the most money on?

Describe his/her typical Sunday.
Wakes up at noon or later, gets picked up by me, goes for lunch with me in Village Park, sits around and listens to business/share market/investment/spend money discussions, then back to my house where we usually sleep the day away...

Why would s/he be dangerous?
She has a problem processing and filtering information. Doesn't know when to NOT say or disclose something. the Chinese phrase for it would be "Mm Seng Mok".

Tell us about a time s/he looked absolutely gorgeous:
Honestly, i can't pinpoint "A TIME" cause i truly think she looks gorgeous all the time. Save for the few rare occasions where she didn't spend enough time in front of the mirror.

What’s something about him/her that would surprise all of his/her friends?
She's getting married at age 23!!!

What do you love most about him/her?
The way she looks at me and smiles for no reason. Warms me up every time...

The biggest lesson you have learnt from loving your partner.
Appreciating things. Not taking things for granted all the time. and learning to give and take. life's not just about ME...

So finally, to those of you fools that paid 5-times more for your half-dying full bloomed dozen roses, bad service at a fancy named restaurant, followed by sex that you would've gotten anyway without having to spend a deepest condolences. Though i have a feeling i shall be joining you all next year. Here's me learning that life isn't always just about me.

EmilyT's response to "The Great Couple Meme"


Emily T said...

GET IN THE ROOM NOW BABY! Gonna have to spank you because:

1) I'm not THAT insecure!
2) I don't treat boys like toys!
3) Don't bluff - I know you want to burn my denim vest. :P

Life doesn't only revolve around you, but why do I STILL see 'me' in caps throughout the post. Hehe.

Juice said...

One lives in denial and e other gets bitch-slapped! hahaha..perfect!

Jwan Heah said...

yaaay! the plan worked!! lets get boogie!!

1. You are.
2. You DO! and i can find a few witnesses to attest to it.
3. If i ask why you're wearing it a couple of times doesn't mean i wanna burn it.

oooppss... i guess old habits die hard. hahahah!

tamz18 said...


talk bad bout gf / bf in blog...

not bad huh?

Emily T, i support u..