Wednesday, 13 May 2009

11 Cities, 11 Concerts.

Team Three Sixty is touring Malaysia once again. We did 10 cities with 10 concerts last year, and for ERA.FM's 11th anniversary this year, we're doing 11 cities with 11 concerts/carnival! Round 1 at Kluang Johor saw us all getting sunburnt and having less than a couple of hours worth of sleep every night. But we had fun and the crowd turnout was awesome!

Here are some pics from the Kluang Johor round.

Game designe Three-Six-OH!The main stage before the KLUANG swamped usCrowd turnout at Kluang was awesome!! view from the crowdView from stageWhen in Johor, you gotta have local fave. MawiELLAWe got stuck behind the Wesak Day parade - jam so bad, ppl got out of the cars and chit-chatted in the middle of the roadGavin having a smoke, enjoying the jam.

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