Tuesday, 7 July 2009

On going.

Coincidence: Today we're attending a dialogue session with PUSPAL and i stumble upon this article in The Star today.

I feel The government's clamp down on Alcohol & Ciggie companies sponsoring foreign acts is going to be detrimental to the industry. As it is, with our restrictions big name acts are already heading to neighboring countries. Without the big dollar sponsorship from the Alco & Cig boys, we Malaysians will see even less big name stars performing here in Malaysia. Updates from the PUSPAL dialogue session resulted in even more confusion as to the regulations, whats clear is "No sponsorship of foreign acts" and "No public dispensing of Alco & Cigs". With one of my biggest clients being a cig company, i guess we've got our work cut out for us as we try to work around the Grey areas in the regulations. Lets hope the authorities are able to see the economic and financial gains from allowing the Alco & Cig boys to spend more.

A Quick snippet from the article in The Star.
“Unfortunately, wine and beer have become a victim of the so-called sin tax here. It is important to see beyond this issue and look at the implications of higher taxes and look at ways to be competitive, especially when our neighbors have much to offer under this category,” said newly appointed
Tourism Malaysia chairman Datuk Dr Victor Wee Eng Lye.

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