Monday, 3 August 2009

MIA again

The blog has been uber quiet lately due to the author's overly busy work schedule in the last month or so. Managed to get ONE weekend off and headed to Jakarta for a much needed quick weekend R&R holiday. With a big rave party, concerts and a carnival coming up in August, it looks like it'll be my last weekend till the end of August. After that, i'm really looking forward to seeing the missus in September when i fly off to Australia for a couple of weeks. A long delayed trip back to the land down under to visit friends & Family in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast... it'll be my well deserved holiday.

As with my previous trip to Jakarta, here's what came back with us this time round...

1 comment:

Emily T said...

Indo songs again!

I've heard the first one on the radio back home!

Can't wait for you to come to OZ baby! But first you need to get your ticket issued and dates sorted out please!