Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Tak erti kaum cina, melayu ataupun india, hanya erti Kaum Malaysia.

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Take a minute and look back to your high school/primary school days.... Didn't you have a whole lot more friends from other races?
For the Chinese: Didn't you have more Malay friends back then?
For the Malays: Where is that Chinese good friend of yours?
Does the racial divide get greater as we age? Does our different cultural backgrounds become more prominent as we get wiser?

Many a time i've been commended for my command of our national language... and i have my group of very close (once) Malay friends to thank. People always ask why i speak the language so well, and my automated response every time is "I have many Malay friends..." then comes the next question; "When ah?, during School or what?"... and it takes me a few seconds to recollect and i sadly reply..."yeah, during school...". Everytime i'm asked that question, i can't help but wonder why we've lost touch with one another. Only a handful of friends (of another race) still keep in touch.
I guess back in school, everyone was equal and everyone had common interests. When we step out of school, social circles change, activities change, people start to discover their own unique interests and i guess if nobody puts in an effort to maintain the friendship, friends start to drift apart... and its only natural for humans to seek and foster new friendships with people of similar backgrounds, i.e: cultural, language, income, etc etc.

It doesn't take a whole lot of effort to stay in touch, a phone call every now and then, a 'mamak-session' once a week or so to catch up would easily contribute to fostering closer relations and rekindle old friendships.

I miss my old friends from high school and all the great times we had together.. we should all put in that little extra effort to forge the friendship that once was.

Bridge the racial divide. Malaysia.. One Race.


Anonymous said...

Well said there mate! Perhaps one day, you can be our spokesperson and leader in voicing our inner thoughts to the world..keep it up!

mishy mashy said...

sniff sniff i miss it too!!

tamz18 said...
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:: RasAngela W:: said...

eh... didnt u started a blog and sign up w Advertlets wor...
let's join us in Bangsar Village tea party tmr? :)

Demon said...

mishy mashy: we'll have more meetup sessions with everyone more often then!

tamz18: UNCLE??? wtf!!

Ras: Just started blogging not too long ago only.. if i can make it, i might drop by the Bloggers Tea Party in BV.